Welcome to the Later Life Nottingham website, created to provide invaluable help and advice for older people facing up to the challenges of planning for the future.


As we get older, we may want or need help and advice that is specific to later life.

When moving house for example, we are looking for different things than when younger, and need different advice. We are less likely to need a mortgage (and less likely to get one!) and more likely to be concerned about the tax implications of any move.

The help and advice we want is rarely neat and specific. Back to the example of moving house. When older, we want a solicitor who understands not just conveyancing but can also offer advice on the inheritance tax implications of the move; someone else to give us relevant financial advice and maybe a builder who can install a wet room.

Finding the right people to give help and advice is difficult. The solicitor who you used last time you bought a house may be good at conveyancing but have very little knowledge of the implications of decisions made in later life; you may know a builder who is good at fixing your roof, but is he any good installing a wet room?


A group of organizations in Nottingham have joined together to show what is available. We have all worked with each other at some point, which is why we are happy to be associated with each other. Everybody on this site has some expertise, or something to offer to people who need help or advice in later life.

“For the elderly and their carers the amount of information which needs to be absorbed can be overwhelming. What is a Power of Attorney? How do I arrange the finances? What care packages are available – should it be at home or residential? What State Benefits can I claim, etc.


By bringing together some major providers on one site, we aim to answer these questions and more, providing practical guidance and support.”


Davy Hudson, Director of Hudson Wealth Management Ltd

Please explore this website which is full of invaluable advice and services. Contact us if the service you’re looking for isn’t covered and we’ll look into finding a local supplier to add to the website.

We are regularly holding events in the Nottingham area at which local experts tackle a range of issues including financial planning, cancer care, legal considerations, support in your own home, dementia support, etc.

In addition to talks from guest speakers there is also plenty of time to visit the many exhibition stands and gather more information from the organisations taking part.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to obtain clear and comprehensive information on the different issues and solutions that are available to them in later life.

These events provide people with the knowledge and tools to access the right services at the right time.”


Erica Thomson (Geldards), an expert in later life planning advice 

The outstanding attendance at these events means that places for the speaker’s sessions are snapped up well in advance.


To register your interest in the next Later Life Nottingham event please call the Later Life Nottingham hotline on 01728 605107, email guest@laterlifenottingham.co.uk or click below.